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Handcrafted products designed & created intentionally for you.

my mission: to provide beautiful products that inspire us all to love, listen and respect ourselves and our bodies.

By purchasing through Brazen Bloom Creative, you are choosing to support me - Laurel - tummy mommy of one and step monster of two - dreamer, book lover, outdoor adventuring creative. I am a self taught builder and as a side hustle I’ve begun this little dream of designing and creating products to help us nurture, heal and love ourselves.

ALL products are 100% built by me.

I feel strongly about selling unique, intentionally made products and also about making choices that do not harm the environment - meaning - using sustain-ably sourced Canadian wood, re-used or recyclable packaging and non-toxic finishes.

What I offer will always evolve, and each product from design to build starts from a place of intention, ease, and a genuine hope that it will spark a positive change in someone’s life.

what is brazen bloom creative?

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brazen 》 to be bold and unashamed. uncensored in our lives, in our truth, with ourselves.
bloom 》 our womb space, our center, our feminine root. The cycle within all of us that is continuously blossoming & evolving.

my dream. to design, create & build products that encourage positive self discovery, care & love. 
for you - from me. 
with intention, with ease, with LOVE.