I'm laurel - the designer and creator of all brazen bloom’s products. I build my projects out of our garage just outside of Saskatoon, SK, Canada 🍁



Woodworking has been an interest of mine as far back as I can remember - however - I wasn’t brave enough to chase that dream until my mid-twenties. I hate to admit it, but growing up with the stigma of there being little place for women in a shop kind of stuck with me. It wasn’t until I grew up a bit (and dropped all that stigma garbage) that I realized I was the only one stopping myself from pursuing this dream. Its been a few years now and it started out with a lot of youtube videos, googling and failures! Fast forward to today, I am still learning sooo much constantly. I love coming up with designs and using my creativity at work! I hope to keep offering more products and custom work as time goes on, and maybe one day teach some workshops/classes to get more people to try out woodworking too.

i am passionate about:

encouraging everyone to learn more about their bodies and ways to love, heal, respect & nourish themselves

supporting local businesses and resources

creating from a place of joy & intention

offering my work, whether it is a product, workshop or custom piece at an accessible cost.

learning, growing, expanding - always.

so grateful for all the people i get to connect with through brazen bloom!



 brazen bloom creative


what is brazen bloom creative?

brazen 》 to be bold and unashamed. uncensored in our lives, in our truth, with ourselves.
bloom 》 our womb space, our center, our feminine root. The cycle within all of us blossoming, evolving, shedding. ready to let go, to continue this sacred cycle that we have been BLESSED with.

my dream. to design, create & build products that encourage positive self discovery, care & love. 
for you - from me
with intention, with ease, with LOVE.

so here is to my little dream, of spreading love while I grow & trust more in myself & all we can create.