What is the current wait time for orders being built? As of December 1st 2019, I have approximately a 2 - 3 week wait time. Due to holiday shipping delays that come along with this time of year, I cannot guarantee a package will arrive before Christmas! Please reach out to me if this is an issue.
What is your shipping policy? As a security measure, signatures are required for deliveries.

Couriers will provide multiple delivery attempts if necessary. If no one is available to sign, they will drop off the package at a pick up warehouse/location in your area. If the package is not picked up within their stated time frame (usually 5 days/ 1 week) they will ship the package back to me.

In this situation, I would deduct the cost of return shipping and a 10% restocking fee and refund the remaining amount to the customer.
I am from the Saskatoon area - can we meet up/ you deliver instead of ship?  If you are a local from the Saskatoon SK area I am willing to personally deliver / meet up some where close by for a small fee (~$10 depending on location) please contact me directly to set this up.

What is vagina steaming?

How do I do it?

What herbs should I use?

When it comes to v steaming how-tos and specifics I always refer people to Steamy Chick (Keli Garza & Kris Gonzalez ) and/or their directory of certified steam consultants world wide! The Steamy Chick website / platform is FULL of resources, tutorials, blogs and herb mixes that will provide you with a good understanding of how to set yourself up for safe steaming and also who to contact for more information near you. If you are steaming for a specific issue(s) or reason I strongly recommend talking to a consultant to fit your individual needs.

Disclaimer: By purchasing products from Brazen Bloom Creative you agree to take full responsibility of safe steaming practices into your own hands. You understand that vaginal steaming may have positive or negative side effects as a result of doing a session. You accept all legal responsibility for yours and/or your clients/affiliates individual choice to vaginal steam and waive the responsibility of Brazen Bloom Creative and it's associates in the case that any adverse reactions or side effects occur.

Which burner do you recommend for use under your stools?

Bella Stool : I recommend the " Imusa usa gau-80305r electric single burner 1100-watts " It is available both in Canada & the US, online and in stores. Since it is a smaller stool, not all single burners fit beneath it. 

Lush Stool : Most portable single burners will fit below (anything between 18" x 16 " )

Why is there no wood finish on your stools?

no finishes, paints or stains = no leeching of chemicals near your delicates while you steam.

If you prefer to have a finish, then apply one of your choice once you receive your stool.

What is your return policy? Yoni Stools are final sale because of their intimate nature. 

What materials are used to make your products?

Yoni stools:

Canadian Red Western Cedar (sustainably sourced), screws , wooden dowels & non toxic glue

What are the dimensions of your stools?

bella stool: approx 15” x 13” and 15.5” tall

lush stool: approx 19.5” x 17.5” and 15.5” tall

lotus stool: approx 16" x 14" and 11" tall

If you would like the stool’s height to be adjusted within an inch or two (either taller or shorter) just ask!

What are the weight limits for your stools?


I was recently sent a 50+ page document about the strength capacities & test results of the fasteners/jigs I am using!

Great news! The average strength of the joints exceed the International Residential Code requirement of withstanding 200 lbs of force.
That is for EACH leg connection & these stools have 3! So with proper use (top load bearing only) that is a weight capacity of 600lbs per stool.

**this is where i include their disclaimer of materials and fasteners are subject to degradation over time and its your responsibility to regularly inspect and take care of your stool! **

Which stool is the right choice for me?

The size of the stool seat is a good way to determine which stool would be the most comfortable fit for you. The bella seat is approx 15" x 13" , the lotus is 16" x 14" and the lush is approx 19.5" x 17.5" 

If you are having a hard time deciding, sit down and measure from the outside of one hip to the other. Based on that number would a 16" (lotus), 15” (bella) or 20” (lush) wide seat be more comfortable?

Do you ship to the USA and internationally?

To date I have shipped all over Canada and the USA. I currently do not ship outside of North America.